Inisiatif Energi Alternatif

Recently, I attended an Alternative Energy Convention - one of many I attended over the last few years. It seems like these type of conventions are getting more and longer every month. My opinion is that that these conventions are held so often nowadays because the Global Warming Crisis that we are facing is growing more rapidly than scientists initially anticipated.

What worries me is that at all these conventions, the "clever" people and the "powers-that-be" agree that our needs (and "wants") are outpacing what Mother Earth can provide. They all agree that we must look into initiatives to generated cleaner, greener alternative energy sources. Some of them had ideas of using currents in the ocean, some agree that the wind is the answer and some look at the sun. The truth is that most of them went back home in there energy-thirsty 4-track vehicles, not to ever think of their noble ideas again.

A attend these conventions because I am an engineer in appliances that generatate sustainable alternative energy for big corporations - even in the oil industry. I asked many times, but not once did I get a turn to speak or to air my opinion at a convention. You see, I'm not a scientist, politician, or a chairman of an organization that wants to save the earth - I'm merely a person with an interest in doing what these meetings are called for - that is generating alternative energy.

What these "know-alls-but-do-nothings" do not realize is that alternative energy is not only limited to corporations, but that the small guy, the individual, can also contribute. The challenge is to "school" people and to promote the idea. It is not just about driving hybrid cars, and doing recycling - it is more about our own efforts to "whip" the energy, oil, and manufacturing industry (I'm convinced that many of these conventions are held by them, anyway).

Well, I already decided a few years ago that "charity" begins at home and I started to research small-sized appliances of generating alternative energy - something that any family can afford. My research lead me to the Internet and I was pleasantly surprized that many websites provide resources that teach you how to build your own appliances to generate alternative energy.

However....Since I began with my quest to find an inexpensive solution all those years ago, I've been through literally every emotion imaginable - frustration... anger... jubilation! Eventually, and after a lot of hard work, I did filter out the best resources on the Internet and ever since then I'm generating enough energy to go 'off-grid' - that's right I "whipped" the energy company - they're not getting a dime from me anymore. Now, all of a sudden, I'm also "smart" enough to be invited as guest speaker at conventions and seminars about alternative energy!

See, nowadays, trying to find the resources to make your own energy is difficult because there are so many guides, videos, and websites on the market to choose from and unless you have the time and money to test them out, you're basically going to go round in circles....and potentially lose a lot of money.

Added to my quest to "go green", I'm saving $1000s a year on energy bills! In the last year or two I focussed on small-sized energy saving appliances for the average household. I'm also often asked to do reviews of products and training material about this subject.

I came to realize that "charity" realy starts at home, and that home is Earth. I also believe that we shouldn't look or drill deep down into a hole to find our energy - let's look up - after all the sun has enough sustainable energy to shine on all of us.